Beg Poket Mini Kulit Biru


Pochette mini yang kami reka, serba boleh, fesyen dan praktikal dalam masa yang sama. Dibuat dari kulit asli ia boleh dipakai sebagai crossbody dengan rantai yang disertakan atau anda boleh menggandakannya untuk versi bahu, cukup bawa dengan rantai pendek pendek ..

Dilengkapi dengan rantai rolo 120cm + rantai chunky hiasan 25cm.

5.9 x 4 "

15 x 10 cm

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Jacquelyn Beiter
Nice Little Pouch

The bag itself is nicely made and I appreciate that the interior lining isn't a dark color. The leather seems like it will hold up very well and I like that the two chain options are included (shorter chunky chain and longer crossbody). The only cons are it's a bit too small for me to be able to throw my phone in and when I received it, there was a really strong smell to it (think indoor hotel swimming pool) that lingered for a long while.

I have been able to put a lot of things into it and fit it into my smaller purses so it's still a great addition to my collection and I have my eye on one of the other colors.