How to Spot a fake Louis Vuitton Multicolore Pochette Accessoires

A lot of people think that it is safe to buy pre owned luxury on Japan because of their strong counterfeit law. However there are a few of fake items sold in Japan and it can be difficult to identify a fake item.

Recently I bought a white Multicolore Pochette accessoires but unfortunately it turned out to be a replica. While I could spot it right away when I received it, It might be difficult for others.

So today I'm here to show you how to spot a Fake Multicolore Louis Vuitton Pochette accessoires. There are so many fakes sold online all the time, that it's hard to know if you're buying an original or not.

Let's compare an authentic and a fake one :

Left is authentic, right is fake and let's compare details and difference between them. The yellowish tone on the fake one is not an authentication point, and real ones also can fade and turn yellow. But if we take a close look, the first big difference would be the leather trim.  

You can see on the fake one that the leather trim still has a very light color and didn't get any patina with time and there's a reason for this :  it's not vachetta leather. Crafting a bag with vachetta requires more work and skills than regular leather, it's a very thick material and hard to manipulate. The trim part is one of the hardest part to craft, that's why you will often find fake ones using real vachetta on tabs, straps and stamp parts but not on the trim. 

Close up : 

Now, let's check the canvas.

On the fake one you can see that colors are not printed correctly, flowers are not fine, details are gross.


Checking the hardware.

On the real one the print is finest than the fake one but the major difference is the mechanism and you will often see apparent spring on the fake one while it's not the case on the original Louis Vuitton clip. 


Regarding the stamp, the stitching on the Fake one is not regular, tight, not straight, the nylon string also is way too thick, the tab is wider than usual.


Regarding the interior of the bag, the authentic Louis Vuitton MC pochette accessoires is lined with Alacantara fabric, which is suede-like microfibre and is noted for its durability. The material used on the fake one is very thin and floppy. The authentic one has a more burgundy tone, is correctly applied on the canvas, and not wrinkled.

The major difference inside is the brand stamping. 

The fake one has a vachetta leather stamp that could trick some novice's. But you will never find a vachetta part with the brand name inside the authentic multicolore pochette and it's engraved in the Alacantara fabric. They didn't even bother to add a date code on the fake one. 

The date code should be engraved in the corner of the purse, but with alacantara if often happens that the date code and brand stamp fades away and might be almost impossible to read or locate it. Keep in mind that if you can't find your code that doesn't mean the bag is fake.

I hope this article was helpful and encouraged you to get your items authenticated, for any authentication I use "Liyah's luxuries", she is an excellent authenticator and her service is super fast.

Don't let yourself be ripped off by buying a fake LV bag, when you can have the real deal.




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Thank you so much !! This is very interesting 👍

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